Best Intimate Moisturizer for Thyroid Vaginal Dryness

A body needs lubrication, desire, and arousal to have a good time in the bedroom. However, it becomes challenging to experience pleasure when there is something that interacts with these characteristics. Thyroid conditions such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are a hindrance in this regard.

Thyroid disease is linked to erectile dysfunction in both sexes via a nuanced molecular process. Several studies demonstrated that the thyroid has considerable potential to affect hormone receptors in the female and male genitalia.

Autonomic dysregulation is a persistent problem for patients with hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, causing impairments in sexual function. The sex hormones are directly impacted by hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism via both the central pathways and the peripheral system. Because of this, many individuals experience severe sexual dysfunction.

The explanation for that is straightforward. Reduced vaginal lubrication brought on by thyroid disease makes for an extremely uncomfortable sexual experience. Without adequate lubrication, the vagina can become painfully dry. This means that friction and irritation are the results of penetration. Those who have trouble with lubrication will have a harder time becoming excited. Because of this, they become uptight and self-conscious.

women are on the lookout for products to treat thyroid vaginal dryness. This condition is capable of causing immense discomfort if left untreated. You’ll have to perform comparative studies between multiple products to arrive at the most suitable option.

I have tried to break down this entire assessment process for your convenience. I have researched the top-most recommended products in the market to treat thyroid vaginal dryness. I have also learned that menopausal vaginal dryness is a prevalent condition.

These products have immense popularity amongst their users. So, I have included them in this review with complete confidence!

thyroid vaginal dryness

Best Intimate Moisturizers For Thyroid Vaginal Dryness

I have compiled a review of the best intimate moisturizers to help with thyroid vaginal dryness. These same products can be usedto find relief from menopausal vaginal dryness.

The Editor’s Choice is GLOW by Kimble Beauty.

Kimble Beauty Glow Emu Oil

Made from AEA certified Emu Oil, GLOW not only relieves the discomfort from vaginal dryness caused by thyroid disease or menopause but can help maintain the natural moisture of intimate areas. GLOW Emu oil contains high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.

1. VMagic

If you have been suffering from issues such as vaginal odor, itching, and associated discomfort, this product is just the pick for you! Your vaginal issues will cease to exist, thanks to the formulation of this moisturizer.

VMagic is the best lifestyle care product at your disposal when you are looking for an all-natural composition. Generally, most vaginal creams irritate teen skin, according to my research. However, this moisturizer will work wonders for you if you are a teen as well.

You can avail yourself of the benefits of this cream during the stage of menopause vaginal dryness also. It will relieve you of all the irritation under these circumstances effectively.

The major features of this product are as follows:

  • Free of paraben, lanolin, preservatives, propylene glycol, steroids, soy, and harmful dyes
  • Suits teen skin issues and relieve discomfort instantly
  • Suitable to be used before and after intimate moments
  • Effectively removes bacteria and maintains pH level of sensitive tissues

You can gain further insight into the product based on the pros and cons that I have added below.


  • 100% natural formulation
  • Extremely sensitive to hormonal changes and works accordingly
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • Composition is free of hormones 
  • Relieves you of burning, redness, dryness, and itchiness


  • Issues have recurred for some users

2. NutraBlast VagiSoft

As I kept looking for more all-natural solutions to deal with vaginal issues, I came across NutraBlast VagiSoft. This moisturizer has been formulated with premium ingredients to help you achieve maximum relief. It is suitable for all skin types, according to my research.

The goodness of avocado oil, aloe vera, and olive oil works in tandem to provide enhanced results and soothe the vaginal region. This vulva cream works wonders for issues related to breastfeeding, yeast infections, and menopause vaginal dryness.

As per trusted sources, I have also learned that this product is recommended by reputed gynecologists and dermatologists alike. Any qualms that you may have regarding the safety of this product are nothing to fear! Thyroid vaginal dryness is not a nuisance anymore.

I have mentioned the most attractive features of this product here:

  • Contains aloe vera extract, sunflower seed oil, grapefruit extract, sea buckthorn oil, honey, avocado oil, and olive oil
  • Repairs damaged and thinning vulvar tissue and restore former, healthy condition
  • An oil-based formulation that is non-sticky in nature
  • Controls odor issues and provides a refreshing, dewy feel

Apart from these features, I have also highlighted the common pros and cons of this product.


  • Maintains pH of the vaginal region
  • Free of fillers, chemicals, and artificial fragrances
  • Promoted by doctors 
  • 100% refund option available


  • Strong odor has been observed

3. Replens

Are you looking for a vaginal moisturizer with long-lasting effects? Replens is your go-to product, then! This special vaginal moisturizer is capable of having effects that last over three days. This increased duration is a holy grail for most women who are pressed for time.

Another reason I have specifically introduced Replens on this list is due to its non-hormonal formulation. The decline of estrogen in the body is combated through purely natural methods. So, you need not worry about thyroid vaginal dryness hereafter.

Replens moisturizer strives to increase the water content of your vaginal tissue significantly. It does not work solely on the surface level, unlike lubricants. The infusion of vitamins B5 and E is yet another added advantage that can come to your aid!

I have analyzed the principal features of this product below:

  • Relieves you of menopausal vaginal dryness; also known as vaginal atrophy
  • Suitable for treating infected tissues and repairing damaged cells
  • Highly compatible with multiple forms of barrier protection
  • Contains glycerin, water, sorbic acid, polycarbophil, mineral oil, hydrogenated palm oil glyceride

These are the general attributes of this vaginal moisturizer. I have also compared the pros and cons of this product below:


  • Works in complete association with the moisture maintenance of the body
  • Free of parabens and phthalates
  • Shows effects for as long as three days
  • Helps to replace vaginal estrogen for breast-cancer afflicted women


  • Some users observed white and brown discharges

4. Vagisil Prohydrate

I have witnessed a lot of women having complaints regarding the messiness of the composition of vaginal moisturizers. So, I have included this Vagisil Prohydrate lubricant that strives to provide its users with a non-sticky, non-messy formulation!

Vaginal atrophy is a common cause of concern that affects women of all age groups. This moisturizer will come in extremely handy for you if you are experiencing menopausal vaginal dryness, atrophy due to breastfeeding, and so on.

The Vagisil Prohydrate lubricant also contains aloe vera and vitamin E. The product is extremely easy to use, as it comes with pre-filled applicators. So, your overall experience with this moisturizer will remain as convenient and non-greasy as possible!

An in-depth view of the different attributes of this product follows below:

  • Contains glycerin, sodium hydroxide, sodium hyaluronate, propanediol, carbomer homopolymer
  • Free of additional preservatives, dyes, estrogen, and perfumes
  • Pre-filled applicators simplify the overall application process
  • Lubricates the inner region effectively instead of surface-level action alone

I have also included the pros and cons of this moisturizer in the following section.


  • Packaging is discreet and suitable for travel
  • Application is easy and non-greasy
  • Shows optimum results during acts of intimacy
  • The water-based composition guarantees instant relief from atrophy


  • More expensive than counterparts

5. Gynatrof 

As I was looking for products that guaranteed rapid results concerning the reversal of vaginal dryness, Gynatrof caught my attention. The formulation of this product is hormone-free primarily. Therefore, you need not have any apprehensions regarding side effects.

According to the statements of other users, you can incorporate this moisturizer as part of your regular hygiene routine. It will get accustomed to your skin and leave you feeling fresh and hydrated healthily. The working time of this product is extremely quick as well.

Along with the issue of thyroid vaginal dryness, Gynatrof also provides relief against menopausal vaginal dryness. So, women in the post-menopausal stage of their lives can use this product to ease their bodies ‘ natural mechanisms.

I’ve stated the most popular features of this product below:

  • Safe to be used daily with no side effects
  • Non-greasy application due to the presence of a refillable applicator
  • The presence of natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins E and C provide instant relief
  • Works in coordination with the body’s natural hydration mechanism

The pros and cons of the moisturizer are also equally important. They are:


  • Hormones are absent in composition
  • Hop plant extracts and liposomes work to relieve you of pain
  • It can be used regularly without a mess
  • Enhances your intimate moments significantly


  • Certain users found the product to be clumpy 

6. Femmepharma – Satisfaite

The Femmepharma Satisfaite is the most recommended product for you if you want a travel-friendly option to consider. This brand’s packaging is extremely crisp and easy to carry. Hence, you can carry it on the go without any hindrances.

Post-menopausal women also guarantee the usefulness of this product immensely. It relieves the associated issues such as irritation, redness, drying, and stinging sensation. Users who complained of irritation during sexual activity are also happy with this product.

This moisturizer accelerates the process of vaginal tissue restoration. Most lubricants and moisturizers do not focus on this aspect. However, Satisfaite ensures that you do not have to face the drying of vaginal tissues ever again!

I have listed the major attributes of this product below:

  • Free of hormones and fragrances
  • Maintains the elasticity of vulvar and vaginal tissues
  • Easy to use packaging with convenient applicator
  • Helps you to regain your former sexual drive

The pros and cons of this product include:


  • Officially recognized by leading gynecologists
  • Acts as a great alternative to hormone therapy
  • Contains all-natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins
  • Packaging is easy to carry and travel with


  • Alcohol content may irritate certain users 

7. Luvena 

pH balance is a key aspect of vaginal health maintenance. Luvena is such a product that is designed with this feature in mind particularly. The moisturizer manufactured by Luvena works along with lactic acid to ensure that the pH of your vagina stays balanced.

This automatically translates into enhanced vaginal health. Dehydrated and damaged vaginal and vulvar tissue is restored to its older condition. Dryness is eliminated, and lubrication is performed on your vagina actively.

I have also learned that this product aids in odor control effectively. You can opt for this product if you require all-around maintenance of your vaginal health without compromise in any sector.

The primary features of this moisturizer are:

  • Reduces vaginal discomfort and ensures that sensitive tissue stays hydrated
  • Composition is free of unnecessary chemicals
  • Lactic acid and hydroxylate work efficiently to keep vaginal skin moisturized
  • Amino acids and antioxidants aid in the protection of the skin

The important pros and cons of this product are:


  • Immediate vaginal lubrication is obtained
  • pH levels are balanced efficiently
  • Intimate moments are enhanced further
  • Helps in odor control


  • Expensive as compared  to other products

8. Good Clean Love Restore

I looked into multiple aspects that make up a good moisturizer, and Good Clean Love Restore ticked most of the boxes effectively. Its effective results are one of the best reasons you can opt for this brand without any qualms.

Like other moisturizers, this brand also offers you relief from vaginal atrophy. It provides soothing relief and hydrates your sensitive tissues in the safest way possible. The factor of odor control is impeccable in this brand as well, according to my research.

The BioMatch technology employed by this product mimics the vagina’s natural ecosystem and replicates it effortlessly. This ensures that the pH balance of the vaginal and vulvar tissues stays intact always.

I have listed the other major features of the brand below:

  • Application is easy due to the availability of an applicator and refillable nature
  • Free of glycerin and artificial fragrances; the entire formulation is 100% natural
  • It can be used along with sex toys and as a lubricant during intimacy
  • Suits women of all age groups and provides relief


  • Vegan friendly and free of petroleum
  • Contains aloe vera extracts
  • Recommended highly by popular gynecologists
  • The tube is designed for easy application and is suitable for travel


  • Refund policies are not user-friendly

9. Syren Intimate Relief

If you are suffering from severe pain due to the dryness in your vagina, I have just the product for you! Syren Intimate Relief offers what its name suggests – pain relief. 

The presence of lidocaine in the formulation of this product ensures that you experience immediate pain relief. All the associated issues of vaginal dehydration, such as burning and itching, are relieved by using this product.

This product’s overall texture is highly light and smooth. You will not face any complaints of greasy or messy texture, thereby making it extremely convenient to use. The moisturizer is absorbed in no time, and you will not feel its presence at all!

The main highlights of this product include:

  • Contains a local anesthetic that can remove pain for multiple hours
  • Absolutely no stickiness during application
  • Free of artificial scent and other preservatives
  • Side effects are nil

The pros and cons of this product are as follows:


  • Contains lidocaine to aid pain relief
  • The smooth and silky texture makes it easy to use
  • It can be applied to the vulva before intimacy to relieve pain
  • Does not stain clothes


  • Some users experienced a mild burning sensation initially

Beginner’s Guide for Thyroid Vaginal Dryness

Thyroid vaginal dryness is a condition that is often kept secluded from proper awareness. Most women do not even realize that they may be facing this condition. 

It is important to perform regular, repeated checks on your vaginal health to maintain your reproductive health. I have compiled a beginner’s guide that can help you with the process of maintaining your sexual health.

It covers all the essential details that women of all age groups need to be aware of regarding their intimate health. A guide to selecting the best product in this regard to help you with vaginal atrophy is also analyzed in detail.

100% Natural Composition

The vaginal region is extremely sensitive and prone to irritation constantly. So, most chemical components are capable of disrupting the natural environment of these sensitive tissues. You can look out for moisturizers that are composed of all-natural components.

This type of formulation ensures that you are not at risk of any further complications. Natural ingredients do not cause side effects and offer quick, soothing remedies to all your troubles. 

Suitable for Post Menopausal Stage

The post-menopausal stage can be really complicated for most women. The body undergoes multiple changes at once, thereby overthrowing the natural equilibrium of sensitive regions. The vaginal tissues lose their water content and become dry and thin.

This leads to a condition called vaginal atrophy. It is highly imperative to look for products that are compatible with this condition. Most moisturizers in the market are designed for this purpose. But, some of them do not pay heed to this condition.

It is always good to ensure that the product you choose caters to different health conditions effectively.

Water-Based Formulation

I looked for moisturizers that had water as their prime ingredient. I specifically looked for this feature since vaginal atrophy is a condition that arises due to a lack of hydration. So, products with water as the base are a great way to ensure that this issue is taken care of.

Suitable for Teens

Teens are also highly prone to suffer from issues related to dryness of the vaginal and vulvar region. But, most products do not cater to their skin and are too harsh on it. This is primarily due to the overlooking of their needs by manufacturers.

As a result, always ensure that the product you select is suitable for teen skin and does not cause any damage or side effects.

pH Balance Maintenance

The vaginal region has a specific pH balance that has to be maintained at all times. This ensures that the tissues remain in a normal condition and do not showcase adverse reactions. Generally, all vagina-related products are created with this factor in mind.

Some brands do not pay heed to this requirement. So, it is crucial to perform a thorough check regarding the nature and the capability of the brand to maintain the pH level of vaginal tissues.

Tissue Rejuvenation

Vaginal atrophy causes the cells of the vaginal and vulvar region to become extremely dehydrated and dry. The cell membrane loses all the water and becomes stretched and thin. The moisturizer that you use should restore the former condition of the tissues.

Temporary hydrating solutions will not be viable in the long run. The complete repair of the damaged cells and tissues will only create a significant change. You can look for products that guarantee the complete rebuilding of the damaged skin regions.

Absence of Hormones

Several vaginal moisturizers contain the hormone estrogen in their formulation. Although it does not pose any risk generally, patients who have breast cancer will be affected adversely. They will require hormone-free treatment as a result.

To avoid any unneeded complications, you can avoid hormone-based products on the whole. Multiple moisturizers free of hormones are available in the market. You can purchase them to be on the safer side.

Easy Application

A common complaint with most women regarding vaginal moisturizers and lubricants is the messy and greasy nature of the formulation. It makes it difficult for women to use the product comfortably as a result. 

Different moisturizer brands offer different methods of application. You can opt for brands that have a non-sticky formulation and come with a ready-made applicator. This will enhance the overall ease of usage of the product.

Usage During Intimacy

Although this product cannot be used as a substitute for lubricants during sexual activity, they have a huge role in this regard. Many women prefer to moisturize themselves before and after intimacy.

The product that you choose should adhere to this requirement without any type of side effects. So, always choose products that mention this detail specifically before finalizing the moisturizer of your choice.

Compatibility With Protection and Toys

This requisite comes as an extension of the previous point. The moisturizer that you use should be compatible with all forms of protection. Since most women use this product at the time of intimacy, it is important to ensure that there are no side effects as a result.

On the other hand, sex toys also play a huge role in the private lives of couples. So, I decided to select the products that were suitable to use in this regard as well. When the moisturizers listed here are teamed with toys, they are still effective as ever.

Deep Hydration Action

It is mandatory to ensure that the moisturizer or lubricant of your choice performs its action until the inner region of sensitive tissues. Most moisturizers show only surface-level action. This proves to be highly insufficient and will cause the problem to recur.

You can look for products capable of rehydrating the dry vaginal cells and keeping them moisturized constantly. These lubricants will show their effect for a prolonged period. So, you can refrain from having to look for solutions constantly.

Convenient Packaging 

You may want to travel with your thyroid vaginal moisturizer to different places conveniently. So, it is essential to ensure that the overall packaging of the product is discreet and easy to use effectively. 

Convenient travel packs and refillable applicators are a great way to ensure that the product you use is always accessible. This makes the entire process hassle-free and ensures that you do not have to worry about usage at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Safe to Use External Products in the Vaginal Region?

The vaginal region is extremely sensitive and made up of delicate tissues. So, it is important to stay mindful of the products that you use in this area. Only products with artificial ingredients are capable of damaging your vulvar region.

You do not have to worry about 100% natural compositions, as they do not disrupt the condition of your vagina. I have specifically included such products in this review as they have proven to be extremely safe and reliable.

The pH balance of the vagina is one of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind. None of the products mentioned here disrupt that balance in any way. All of them ensure that the balance stays put, without any alteration.

2. Can I Use Vaginal Moisturizers at the Time of Sexual Activity?

Yes, you can use vaginal moisturizers at the time of sexual activity, provided it has been designed for this purpose. It is necessary to remember that vaginal moisturizers and lubricants are not replacements for actual sexual lubricants and gels.

You can use them if you have complaints of a burning sensation during sexual activity caused due to dryness. It would be a good idea to use the product prior to and after intimate moments to ensure that your vaginal region stays hydrated.

3. Why Are Hormonal Formulations Not Preferred?

Certain vaginal moisturizers contain estrogen, a hormone in their composition. This hormone is perfectly fine and does not cause any harm on its own. 

However, if you have ever been/are currently affected with breast cancer, it can worsen your existing predicament.

Wrapping Up

Many women silently suffer from thyroid vaginal dryness. It is highly prevalent amongst women of different age groups as well. 

I have analyzed the features of the different, most recommended products in the market to ensure that I picked the best amongst them. All of their features, pros, and cons have been looked into before selecting them finally.

You need not worry about this issue anymore, as all these products can resolve vaginal atrophy. All you have to do is select the product that suits you the best and proceed with the usage. The results will speak for themselves!

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