GLOW 100% Emu Oil

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Cruelty Free | Gluten Free

Paraben Free | Fragrance Free

Ethically Produced | Ethically Marketed


This highly acclaimed treatment will help soothe irritation, clear your pores, and deeply hydrate your skin with its potent nutrients.

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Kimble Beauty 100% Pure Emu Oil Therapy GLOW serum contains strong nutrients which reduce skin irritability while detoxifying pores. GLOW creates a unique skin moisturizer that plumps fine lines around the eyes and mouth, giving you a more youthful, glowing appearance.

Made in the USA from a single-family farm. Rated in the top 2% of emu oils in the USA because no growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids are used by this farm. That is why Kimble Emu Oil Therapy GLOW is one of the safest skincare products you can use.

AEA Certified. Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility for Kimble Beauty.

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Directions: Apply one pump once or twice daily to skin and massage in until fully absorbed.

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Ingredients: 100% concentrated Emu oil. (No fillers, no cheaper oils.)

NO: sodium lauryl / laureth sulfate, parabens, sulphates (SLS or SLES), dyes, or fragrances.

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• Skin anti-aging, hydration & glow
• Keratosis pilaris (chicken skin)
• Topical steroid withdrawal
• Lichen sclerosis
• Soothe & reduce redness, rosacea, skin inflammation
• Reduce visibility of surgery and radiation scars
• Reduce redness & discomfort and soothe burns of radiation treatment
• Awaken dormant hair follicles to aid growth of new hair, eyebrows, eyelashes
• Safe for babies & children
• Safe for all skin colors

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