Top 7 Body Washes for Thyroid Sensitive Dry Skin

The best body washes for thyroid sensitive dry skin are effective for treating dry skin conditions caused by thyroid inflammation. Today, many people have found comfort in using them because they are far more effective than conventional bathing soaps.

In this review, we will bring to your attention seven of the best body washes on sale currently, but before we do that, you need to know all about thyroid disorders and how they can cause your skin to go dry.

Like with all other medical complications, thyroid dysfunction doesn’t just appear out of the blue but reveals certain symptoms. For instance, if you are suffering from thyroid-related dry skin,  you will notice your skin drying up and itching all over. 

You will also notice roughness in certain regions of your skin, with cracks on the surface. For some people, their skin may even begin to look pale.

Other issues like hair loss, frizzy hair, hair thinning, and eyelash loss are symptoms of thyroid-related dry skin.  So, if you notice some of these conditions, it may be time to do something about it before the situation becomes worse.

Ways your Thyroid can impact your skin

Thyroid as a medical condition is broken down into two categories, namely Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid.  For the former, this is a condition caused by thyroid glands producing excess thyroid hormones labeled (T3 & T4).

As for the latter, that’s exactly the opposite. While Hyperthyroid refers to a condition where your thyroid produces too much thyroid hormones, hypothyroidism is a state where your thyroid gland produces fewer hormones that are insufficient for the body. 

Generally, some of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are

  • Enlarged thyroid
  • Bulging eyes
  • Hair loss
  • Heat intolerance
  • Tremors
  • Weight loss
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Diarrhea
  • Weak muscles
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Increased appetite

Here are the symptoms of hypothyroidism

  • Cold sensitivity
  • Hair loss 
  • Enlarged thyroid
  • Reduced heartbeat rate
  • Dry skin 
  • Weight gain

Causes of Thyroid Sensitive Dry Skin

If you are suffering from thyroid sensitive dry skin, your condition may be caused by one or more factors

 Two major causes of thyroid disorders are Plummer’s disease and Grave’s disease. You see, your thyroid gland is small in size and is  butterfly shaped gland located below the Adam’s apple in men, and above that notch at the bottom of your neck.

This gland may be small in size, but it impacts your health more than you know. The hormones it produces regulate your metabolism, and these hormones are of two types, namely, triiodothyronine (T4) and thyroxine (T3).

These hormones affect every single body cell and maintain your system’s use of carbohydrates and fats. The hormones also help control your body temperature and heartbeat rate. T3 and T4 also regulate protein production and the volume of calcium in the blood.

Why your body may have too much Thyroxine

For most people, their thyroid releases a sufficient amount of hormones to keep bodily functions up to speed. However, sometimes, it may produce too much thyroxine if it is diseased.  One of the major causes of too much thyroxine production is Graves disease.

Graves is an autoimmune disorder caused by your immune system producing antibodies that stimulate the thyroid to produce too much hormones. Graves cause too much thyroxine production, and this is one of the leading causes of hyperthyroidism.

For some people, especially pregnant women, their thyroid may become inflamed due to autoimmune conditions. This may cause the excess thyroid hormones to leak out into the bloodstream, which may eventually cause pain, skin dryness and other complications.

Why are body washes good for dry skin?

Good oil based body wash for dry skin can improve your dry skin condition for both the short and long term. Body washes stop itchy skin, improve the texture and appearance and also serves as a skin moisturizer.

How does a Body Wash for thyroid dry sensitive skin work?

The way the best anti aging body wash works is quite simple. As you wash your body regularly, the lotion will continue to moisturize not only the skin surface or dermis but also improve texture and appearance. If you stick with the same brand, you will begin to see positive results in a matter of days or weeks.

Another thing to note is how you use the body wash. Applying the body wash on a sponge and gently scrubbing your skin will eliminate the scaly surface so the solution can penetrate the pores. Then rinsing your body with warm water will have a positive effect on your skin’s appearance.

Best Body washes for Thyroid sensitive dry skin buying guide

What are the things to look out for when shopping for the best body washes for thyroid sensitive dry skin?

Here they are.


The ingredients that the body wash is made of is one very important feature not to overlook. A body wash meant for dry skin should have two major qualities; it must moisturize and hydrate the skin. The body washes you go for should be rich in herbs, natural oils, minerals and very low on chemicals.


We understand that you want your skin to improve as quickly as possible, but you don’t have to spend more than you need to on a body wash. Do not fall into the trap of assuming that an expensive body wash must definitely be a very good product.

If there is anything we have learned, it is that prices are not always a true determinant of quality. When searching for the right product, make sure you bear two things in mind; the right ingredients and your long-term budget. If the body wash has the right ingredients and you can afford to keep using it long-term, then go for it.

Who is it for?

Another thing to consider is to know who the product is for? Not all body washes are unisex. Some are created for men and others for women. Men naturally have different skins than women, and manufacturers produce body washes for both groups and products that both genders can use. So regardless of the one you go for, make sure it is suited for you.

Duration of Use

If your skin condition is critical, it will be in your best interest to go for a body wash that can be used daily. This is important to take note of because not every body wash is meant to be used daily. If the one you buy is too intense and you use it daily, it may cause discomfort. So depending on your skin condition, ensure that the product you buy is appropriate.

Extra benefits

Are there some other extra benefits that come with using the product? Make sure you find out. The best body washes for thyroid dry sensitive skin offer users several benefits like skin moisturizing, toning and hydration. From a single product, you can enjoy these benefits and more.

Product Review: Best Body Wash for thyroid sensitive dry skin

Now that we have taken the time to address in detail all you need to know about hyperthyroidism and how it affects your skin, let us now take the time to review some of the best body washes sold online. We selected the products based on quality, effectiveness and affordability. Please read our review and make a choice from among our selections.

  1. Irish Spring Body Wash

Toxicity Score: 4 (Fair)

Key features

  • 18 ounce 
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Skin conditioner
  • 24 hours effect

Irish Spring is a very good body wash for those who suffer from dry skin that is sensitive. This body wash comes in an 18-ounce bottle. Irish Spring is both a moisturizer and a hydrating wash.

It offers deep cleaning action, so as you scrub your body with it, the fluid penetrates your skin pores to hydrate your skin. Also, it creates a moisture surge, and the more you use it, the better your skin will look.

One reason why we rate Irish as highly as we do is that it is devoid of active chemical ingredients that cause skin dryness to worsen in some users. Essentially, it is formulated with emollients that will improve your skin condition in a matter of weeks.

Furthermore, Irish Spring also has odor-neutralization qualities. So if you suffer from body odors alongside skin dryness, this is one product you want to stick to.

For best results, you will have to use it consistently for an extended period. The more you use it, the better your skin will look.


  • Formulated for dry skin like yours
  • Offers extra benefits like maintaining skin freshness
  • Eliminates body odors
  • Long lasting freshness


  • Limited quantity in the bottle
  • Requires abundant application for desired results

Recommendation: Irish Spring is a very good body wash for dry skin caused by thyroid dysfunction. This product offers users several other benefits, including dry skin Improvement. If you want a body wash that moisturizes, hydrates and refreshes your skin, Irish Spring is a good choice.

  1. Aveeno Skin Relief  Body Wash for Dry Itchy Skin

Toxicity Score: 2 ( Limited)

Key features

  • 33oz bottle
  • Dye and Soap Free
  • Dirt and impurity remover

Are you dealing with scaly, itchy skin? Have all the products you’ve used so far failed to produce results? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you should give Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash a try.

This body wash is fragrance-free and contains oat, which is an effective organic material for soothing dry, itchy skin.

It comes in a large 33oz bottle which will last for an extended period before the need to buy a new one. Aveeno is a dye and soap-free formula that cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

The soothing oat addition is gentle on the skin and stops skin itching. The manufacturer basically formulated this wash to remove impurities and dirt from the skin without negatively impacting the moisture barrier.

Regular use of Aveeno will leave your skin looking soft, healthy and refreshed. It will not cause allergic reactions of any kind because it is hypoallergenic.

Another positive effect of Aveeno is that it locks in moisture for 24 hours, so your skin will stay hydrated all through the night. This product is one of the best Ph balanced body wash.


  • Large bottle
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Locks in moisture


  • It may cause skin redness in people with extremely sensitive skin

Recommendation: Aveeno is one of the most popular body washes in the market because of the value it provides. While some users may consider it a little pricey, the good news is that you will still get your money’s worth.

If you have skin allergies, Aveeno is a great option because it is hypoallergenic. If you want to improve your skin quality without dealing with resultant allergy outbreaks, Aveeno is one product we recommend.

  1. Dove Hypoallergenic Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

Toxicity Score: Not Found

Key features

  • 34oz bottle
  • Renew Blend Technology
  • Plant-based extracts
  • pH balanced

Dove Hypoallergenic Body Wash is one of the best body washes for thyroid dry sensitive skin in the market today.  This best luxury body wash is sulfate-free and eliminates bacteria. Dove has skin-nourishing properties, and the 34oz fluid bottle contains all the natural goodness your skin requires to improve texture and appearance.

Many people who use Olay products often have Dove vs. Olay body wash debates regarding which one is better. The fact of the matter is that both brands offer similar results depending on your skin type.

For those with dry and sensitive skin caused by hyperthyroidism, this fragrance-free solution works to soften their skin and keep it nourished all through a 24-hour cycle. Despite not having artificial fragrances, it remains one of the manufacturer’s best-smelling dove body wash.

Another major thing to note is that this Walmart Dove body wash is Sulfate-free and does not contain chemicals that cause allergic reactions.

It is largely plant-based and contains glycerin and lipids that the skin absorbs.  The renewed blend technology materials also serve as cleansers to remove skin impurities, which is why we consider it one of the best Dove body wash-sensitive skin. For best results, consider using your hand to massage your skin while concentrating on areas where your skin feels dry.


  • It will not distort your skin’s protective layer
  • Gentle on skin microbiomes
  • Peta-Certified
  • Plant-based


  • Quite pricey

Recommendation: This Dove body wash dryness relief is hypoallergenic, so you should have to worry about allergy breakouts. We also like it because it has skin-cleansing properties as well as natural oils. It eliminates bacteria from the skin surface to allow for maximum penetration. Just make sure you apply significant volume during baths for the best results.

  1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Dry Skin Body Wash

Toxicity Score: Not Found

Key features

  • 18FL bottle
  • Contains emollients
  • Shower cleanser
  • Moisture Lock

Fourth on our list of the best body washes for thyroid sensitive dry skin is Aveeno Daily. Just like the first Aveeno product we reviewed above,  this formula is soap, dye and fragrance free.

It is packaged in an 18 fluid bottle containing rich natural ingredients to give your skin that luxurious texture and look. Aveeno Daily skin moisturizer is essentially meant for people with extremely dry and sensitive skin. It contains plant-based lipids that work in the same fashion as naturally occurring lipids produced in the body.

Regularly showering with Aveeno will make your skin soft, smooth and healthier looking. Due to its long-term effects, your skin will remain healthy looking several hours after your bath.

Aveeno is lightly scented and fragrance-free, and you can use it as a skincare wash or even as your regular body wash. The dual oat formulas it contains are also effective for preserving your skin’s pH balance. The natural emollients will not irritate your skin but lock in moisture for an extended period.

It will also interest you to know that it fights bacteria, removes skin fats and oil and rids the surface of impurities. So regardless of whether your dry skin is caused by hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, this daily skincare product will eliminate skin dryness, soften your skin and improve its appearance.


  • Thick texture
  • Ideal for people with allergies
  • Gentle in sensitive skin
  • A combination of two oat formulas for speedy results


  • Does not leave the skin easily but requires lots of water
  • Limited content

Recommendation: Aveeno Daily body wash is a very good product for dry skin. Besides curing dry skin, it is also an anti-bacterial eliminator and a skin hydration formula.  The only complaint you may have is that it comes in a small 18fl bottle, so you will need to replenish your stock in a matter of weeks.  Besides that, it is an ideal body wash to have in your cabinet.

  1. Vanicream Gentle Body Wash

Toxicity Score: 2 (Fair)

Key features

  • Contains glycerin and purified water
  • Gluten-free
  • Free of botanical extracts
  • 12fl bottle

Vanicream is another very good body wash we just had to add to our list for its natural extracts. This product contains natural ingredients like sodium glycinate, titanium dioxide, citric acid, EDTA and a host of other rich organic ingredients.

The first thing you will notice when you apply Vanicream to your skin is just how gentle it feels.  The ingredients make-up protects your skin from irritation common with other body wash products produced with chemical-based extracts.

Vanicream does not contain harsh agents and chemicals that may cause skin allergies or negative skin reactions.  But despite being mild on the skin, it is tough on germs and bacteria. It is sulfate-free and free of other radical chemicals

This body wash will remove oils and dirt from your skin without causing skin dryness. If you already suffer from dryness, its moisturizing properties will keep your skin nourished and hydrated during the day and especially at night.


  • Chemical-free
  • Attractive bottle with a wide opening
  • Works as a cleanser and a moisturizer
  • 24-hour skin protection


  • Not suitable for dry, broken skin

Recommendation: Vanicream body wash is a skincare product per excellence. It offers users the best results within the shortest possible time.

With this product, you rid your skin of oils and bacteria while keeping it hydrated and nourished. However, due to its harsh anti-bacterial properties, it may not be ideal for broken skin as applying it may lead to skin inflammation. If you have extremely dry skin, we recommend using it in conjunction with a skin lotion for dry skin.

  1. Bioderma Atoderma Face and Body Shower cleansing oil

Toxicity Score: Not Found

Key features

  • Advanced dermatologic formula
  • Plant-based lipids
  • Anti irritation
  • 24-hour protection

One of the main reasons why you may be suffering from thyroid sensitive dry skin is that your skin may not be producing enough oil. If you have extremely dry skin, using just any bathing soap or body wash will not provide you with the relief that you need.

However, with a shower cleansing oil like Bioderma, you can nurse your dry skin back to health.

Bioderma contains plant-based bio-lipids that enhance the skin tolerance threshold. It also provides you with 24 hours of hydration without disrupting pH balance.

This formula is basically a nongreasy shower oil formulated to provide soothing relief for your dry skin, extended hydration and skin tolerance.

You will also be impressed to know that it works well for users of all ages and sexes. The Vitamin PP skin barrier patent of Bioderma is another feather to the hat of the producer. For permanent results, ensure that you only apply after your skin is wet, then rinse afterward.


  • Nourishing effect
  • Anti-irritant
  • Extended hydration
  • Tough on germs but mild on your skin


  • Not the best for broken skin
  • The oil content is a tad bit too much

Recommendation:  Bioderma is both a moisturizer and an anti-bacteria oil. Its oily solution traps moisture inside your skin pores while nourishing the surface for an improved look.

If you sweat a lot, this body wash may cause you discomfort due to its oil extract, so we suggest you go for any other product on our list. 

  1. OGX Coconut Oil Moisture Body Wash

Toxicity Score: 4 (Limited)

Key features

  • 19.5Oz
  • Sulfate-free
  • Coconut oil extract
  • Plant-based ingredients

OGX is a creamy soap free body wash solution mixed with coconut oil and natural plant extracts. The creamy texture works to hydrate the skin while the coconut oil moisturizes the dry skin it restore long-lasting moisture.

If your skin tends to dry up during cold seasons, then this best shower oil wash is definitely what it needs. It doesn’t matter whether your skin is dry or ashy; this body wash is an excellent formula for moisture restoration.

It is sulfate-free, contains vanilla bean extract, and the coconut oil is organic and not chemical-based. Another noteworthy feature of this product is that it is suitable for normal, dry, and oily skin.

So it can serve as a general body wash for your entire family regardless of whether some of them have dry skin or not. Regular use of OGX will leave your skin looking clean, smooth and soft after every use.

OGX contains sodium c14-16, Cocos Nucifera, vanilla planifolia, seed oil, silk amino acids and several other plant-based extracts. So no matter how dry your skin may be, this non soap cleanser will work to raise hydration levels and increase moisture.


  • Fast absorption
  • Soothing feeling
  • Easy to rinse off


  • Quite expensive

Recommendation:  OGX is a premium shower oil wash for extremely dry and sensitive skin. It penetrates the skin easily, and you will begin to notice positive results in a matter of days. The plant-based properties also ensure that it functions as intended without putting you at risk of allergic reactions. It is definitely worth the investment.


The best body washes for thyroid-sensitive dry skin are very effective in restoring your skin to its former glories. Even if your dry skin condition is something you have been dealing with for a very long time, you can improve it using plant-based body washes designed for sensitive, dry skin. But before you buy any product, make sure it is suitable for your skin so you can enjoy the best outcomes.

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