How to Make Black Lipstick

Always the daring one that’s not afraid to be bold?

Black lipstick is something not everyone dares to wear. This is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you feel insecure, you are not alone.

Wearing black lipstick may require a lot of confidence and determination, but contrary to the misconception, black lipstick can look amazing on pale to rich, dark skin. It can complement any complexion!

Surprisingly, black lipsticks are hard to find as they are not commonly used and pricey. If you are not ready to commit financially to the dark lip life, you can try to make your own black lipstick.

A close up of a woman with black lips.

How To Make Your Own Black Lipstick

It is not a common choice for lipstick. You might wear them probably three to five times a year. If you’re getting frustrated finding the best black lipstick for you, why not try and make one?

Prepare the following:

  • Small empty lid
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Lip balm
  • Small brush

That’s it! You will only need these three items to make your own black lipstick. Scoop a small amount of lip balm and put it in the lid. Next, scratch some black eyeshadow and add it to the lip balm.

Mix carefully using the brush. The amount of lip balm and eye shadow depends on you. You can add black eyeshadow if you want darker pigment.

This DIY black lipstick is super easy to do. Plus, you’ll save a lot than buying a new lipstick. You can also try making other peculiar lipstick colors like blue or green.

How To Make Black Lipstick With Eyeliner

Ever wonder if black eyeliner will do the trick? It’s time to stop wondering and try it on your own.

An eyeliner will give you a great definition. Instead of buying black lipstick, you can try using black eyeliner first and check if you can nail this look.

Grab an eyeliner and outline your lips. Be careful and try to minimize bleeding and streaks. Next, fill in your lips for a pigmented look.

You will need a brush to blend it evenly. Apply some gloss over, and you’re all good.

The only challenge in using eyeliner as black lipstick is it tends to dry out your lips. You might want to exfoliate your lips and use moisturizer before you start applying the liner.

How To Make Black Lipstick Stay

Making black lipstick stay is easy. Use a matte liner and outline the outer part of your lips to avoid the color from bleeding out. You can also try using a concealer and apply the same method. Trace the outside of your lips with a brush to keep the line steady and as close to your lips as possible.

Doing this will also provide a neat finish. The concealer or matte liner will act as a wall against your lipstick, preventing it from smudging.

How To Make Black Lipstick Look Girly

Are you worried about drawing too much attention or looking silly and overdoing your makeup? Wearing black lipstick has a lot of misconceptions. Here are some suggestions to you tone your look and make it girly.

Try the ombre look

If you are not ready to nail the black lipstick, then you can try this look. Pick a lighter color or a concealer to apply to the center, creating a contrast.

Start by applying a concealer around the lip line and into the middle of the lip. Gently apply the black lipstick at the center of the lip using your finger or a brush.

Blend it into the concealer as you work out towards the outline of your lip. Use a brush and try to blend it smoothly.

Close up of a woman's lips with gold lipstick on them.

Go metallic

You can either try a metallic shade of black lipstick or create your own by layering clear metallic gloss over your black lipstick to achieve that metallic finish. Keep the rest of your makeup look neutral or light to avoid an overwhelming look.

Layer with Lip Gloss

Add some shine to your look by layering clear lip gloss over your black lipstick. After applying your black lipstick, wait for it to fully settle before applying a layer of clear lip gloss for a more carefree finish.

Doing this will keep your lips looking healthy and moisturized. You can go with colorful makeup or stick with a neutral look, depending on your personal preference.

Applying lip gloss will lessen the intensity of the black lip, making it more dynamic and flat.

Keep it natural

If you do not wish to look gothic or generally dark, pull off this black lipstick look without compromising your personal style. Keep this look simple by using neutral or very light makeup.

Avoid using bold makeup to make your lips the focal point of your look.

Add color elsewhere

Black lipstick makes a statement on its own. However, wearing colorful eye make-up will add a pop of color to your entire makeup look.

If you have pale skin, stick to warmer colors to avoid looking pale and washed-out. Darker skin tones can both pull off warm and cool-toned eye makeup.

Make your skin glow

Apply a warm-toned highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, under the arches of your nose, at the tip of your nose, and at the top of your lips to give your face a natural glowing finish.

Apply some bronzer and concealer to your skin for more warmth. Try not to overdo your makeup.

How To Make Black Lipstick Look Good

Having black eye makeup with black lipstick might look a bit heavy or gothic.

Neutralize this look by using a natural or skin tone primer and a light blush. Add a dab of gloss in the center of the eye. Finish this with a single application of mascara.

Try matte black lipstick and a perfectly powdered face if you want your lips to take center stage. This will let your lip stand out on its own without any competition from the rest of your look.

Finish this look by styling your hair. Waves, buns, braids, any hairstyle will look good with black lipstick. But pulling your hair back and baring your face will show off your gorgeous black lips.

Add a little something extra to your wardrobe as well. Raid your closet, or go on a mini shopping spree for exciting pieces that will make your look edgier.

Try out vintage bags, bomber jackets, or a pair of black boots. Find pieces that will make you feel comfortable, sexy and ones that will boost your confidence as well.

If you are not comfortable trying black lipstick, you can work on your way by getting used to dark lip colors first. Start with dark red lipstick and then to a dark one like mahogany red. You can also try other peculiar and trendy colors like purple, blue or green.

The best part is you get to have fun and play around with this new look. You might be surprised that a black lip can be just as stunning as a classic red one. Are you curious to try black lipstick yet?

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