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KimbleBeauty.com was created to be the go-to resource for women of all skin types and color who experience changes in their beauty due to health problems and/or aging. Finding the right cosmetics, hair, and skincare products for your sensitive skin can be frustrating. We’re here to help you break down everything you need to know to make the best selection of products for your particular needs. We can even save you money by telling you what products to avoid and why. Whether you are looking for health information or just want to reclaim your beauty, you’re sure to learn something at Kimble Beauty.

MEET ZURI KIMBLE, Editor-in-Chief

ZuriKimble Kimble Beauty

Our website’s namesake and lead editor Zuri Kimble has been fascinated with beauty products ever since she watched her mother put on red lipstick and smile with happiness. She spends her time searching for the latest cosmetics and hair products for women of all ages. Her favorite thing is to spend time with her dog Snookums, a beauty queen in her own right.

MARVA JONES, Managing Editor


Marva Jones (ThyroidBabe) is another one of our editors at Kimble Beauty. She brings years of experience as a managing editor in the health industry. She has a personal interest in thyroid problems and attends several health conferences a year. Her favorite things are gold undereye patches, popcorn with truffle seasoning, and press on nails.

Marilyn Thompkins, Senior Writer


Marilyn Thompkins is a senior writer in women’s health and beauty. She enjoys sailing, cooking with her grandchildren, and singing in her church choir.

Monique Hanson, Women’s Health and Beauty Senior Writer

Monique Hanson comes from a medical background and has worked in the field of dermatology. She is interested in the latest skincare products recommended by dermatologists and attends medical conferences in dermatology and cosmetics. Her parrot Harley adores music boxes and plays them to make her giggle.

Natasha Chernoff, Beauty Writer

Natasha Chernoff is a beauty writer having had a career as a hairdresser. She adores her cat Curly, braiding her daughter’s hair in the latest fashion, and volunteering at a women’s shelter.

Elvita Alfaro, Beauty Writer

Elvita Alfaro has an extensive background in skincare and has worked at several spas in South America and the USA, where she currently resides. She loves the SoCal beaches, cooking her family’s traditional dishes, and horseback riding.

Diana Hamilton, Staff Writer


Diana Hamilton is a staff writer with an interest in health. She plays piano, skateboarding, talking to her macaw Sapphire and swimming.

Rashida Mandel, Staff Writer

Rashida Mandel is a staff writer. She loves tennis, tik tok dance videos, and cooking.

Roger Piot, Technical Support

Roger Piot keeps our website humming and handles all our technical issues. He enjoys surfing, soccer, and family picnics.

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Our Product Review Process

Our product review process is simple – our writers find what they consider to be the best products on Amazon and other sites for the topic at hand. Our site is a review aggregate site, so they summarize the products that they feel are best for the article topic. Please note that we do not test the items ourselves unless specifically stated in the article.